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I'm an Illustrator, terrible gamer, awesome driver and the worst cook. I honestly did not know where life was taking me. I just rolled with the punches, doing my best to become a productive member of society but after it keep piling on (the BS), I realized that I was not satisifed with the life I was living. My art... became my freedom. I love everything about it. Drawing, scuplting, code things, make resin jewelry, paint resin kits, make comics (sort of), doing lot's of arts and crafts.

I didn't go to school to learn Art and Design (I DID finish high school and the equivilent of 2 years of college). I learnt art however, the HARD WAY. All on my own (Youtube and online tutorials helped along the way). It wasn't an easy climb but I managed to make it work. So if that is inspiration enough. Get to it! There are TONS more I would love to do/learn, cause this is a never ending quest and there will always be something new to experience!


My love for art took me in another direction. I love fashion and design and love making my own clothes. So when I was on my search to find unique ideas to inspire me I came across the BJD community (Ball Jointed Doll) and it sucked me in. Now I got 4 dolls and delved into designing clothes and props for them.

I share what I do on my youtube channel and make videos about my process, designs and relevant content. The community is truly inspiring and I am definitely on the path to doing much more!